Useful Links

Some useful towbar & towing related links for additional information.

Towing Solutions

Towing Solutions are the NTTA Approved Training Provider. UK Towbar & Trailer Industry Training Courses and Expert Trailer Towing Lessons.


Brink Towbars

Brink Towbars are the largest towbar manufacturers of towbars in Europe. The Brink name is permanently linked to quality products that meet all requirements that are presented by both official authorities and motor manufacturers.


Tow-Trust Towbars

Tow-Trust Towbars are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of towbars and towing accessories. Based in Atherstone, Warwickshire the company has set about forging a strong reputation amongst the trade for supplying the highest quality products.


Witter Towbars

Witter Towbars are the UK's largest manufacturer of towbar systems. They are an independent company and have recently celebrated their 50th year in business